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[MMD] Who better than a mad can heal madness? by ginconomp
[MMD] Who better than a mad can heal madness?
Yay!! Finished!!!

I wanted him to look a little like Bumby, the main villan of "Alice Madness returns". . . so he's the second dollmaker!!
Instead of Angus Bumby, here you have Simon Bumby

The same old story that all the alice have in common. . . Madness! Yes, the madness of seeing your father killing your mother with a cleaver. . . 1, 2, 3. . . 7 hit on her back. . . "Whore!! WHORE!!" he sayed it so many times. . . And you. . . you're just laying under your bed, hoping that all this story will fastly end up, holding your little rag bunny close to you and seeing all that blood. . . And then. . . he's here. . . you can see his brown boots filled with her blood. "It's your time to die, 'lil bunny" his raspy voice 'caused from too much smoke. Yellow eyes tell you "This way, come this way!" and show you the way to the nearest window. . . Sneaking behind him, you jump off, breaking a leg. . . but you're too scared to care about it. . . and you run. . . fastly as you can, till you see that officer with the black beard. . . "Help!" you try to shout. . . but you just can't, 'cause the words dies in your troath. Then, you run and run. . . till you reach him, and fall on him, filling his blue uniform with your mother's blood. . . His arms around you, and you just feel so good that you want to sleep. . . and when you wake up, all you do is laughing and crying at the same time. . . At this time, Madness is all you see. . . the blood. . . so much BLOOD! During that process, you're way too hysterical to pay attention. . . "NOT GUILTY" that man with the black dress yelled. . . and you scream, running trough your father and jumping on him, making him fall and strangling him. . . "WHORE! WHORE!!!" You yelled. . . the first word that you say in so many weeks. . . But they just take you and slam you against the wall, and all you do is screaming and crying "HE'S GUILTY!!! HE IS, I TELL YOU!!! HE IIIS!!!!". . . someone hit you on the head. . . and when you wake up. . . you're in a cage. . . the signboard says "Rutledge asylum - we only want your good". . . only lies! They cut off your hair, shock you, and take off. . . the blood out of your veins! HATE!! HATE!!! 10 years has been passed. . . you're 15. . . "where's my little bunny? where's the yellow eyes that saved me?" these are your questions. . . but suddently, a tall girl with green eyes and really dark brown hair come to you. . . she tells you a name, and give you a little key. . . what does that mean? you try to call her, but again. . . you can't speak. . . someone comes up to you, and bring you somewhere. . . a orphanage. . . your new house. The other kids tell you "you're mad!" or "you that Bumby! you tried to kill your own father!! Dumby, not bumby" . . . so you just close in yourself even more, and stop to speak at all. . . you fill your room with drawings and that key. . . what would that mean? Maybe. . . it's they key for. . . Wonderland?

Sorry for bad english!!

Nachi Akira/EAGames/Nagekinomai/Idolmaster GS/Separation-sky/MMDFakewings18
(they're not all of the credits, 'cause I don't remember where I did get some things. . . )
[WIP 1] Madness is Back by ginconomp
[WIP 1] Madness is Back
I was looking trough my gallery. . . and I noticed THIS [MMD] Ginconomp: Madness Returns !!! THE DRAMA!!!!

I'm addicted to American Mcgee's Alice, so yeah. . . having a ver.2!!!!!!!!!!!!
you can also notice how improved I am

What hair can I use?

Credits: when finished
If you watch me since a long time, you can notice that I really LOVE Nagekinomai
She/He improved a lot her/his models. . . and here they are…

Does anyone know where to get them?
So. . . I'm making a model, but. . . the problem is that I used the newest version of AB-Chan, and I don't know what to do

I'm not going to public redistribute her, I know that for sure
but I'd like to show her on the internet, but doing this I'm afraid of making Kakomiki mad and make him/her/idk not redistribute her/his/idk models anymore to Occidentals, 'cause many mmd model creators did that. . . AAAAAAHHHHH!!! HAAAALP!!!
Ok, in 2012/2013 I started writing a game idea following the example of American Mcgee; taking a fairytale and making it creepy
So. . . I started creating the character, writing the story, how she ended up in that way and so on. . .

2014- Woolfe: The redhood diary

Ok, I know that more people can have the same idea, but it just soo strange. . . she looks like I did draw her. . .


Hello, pleasants! My name is Simone, knowed by only 197 people as ginconomp!!
I am a 15 years old addicted to coffee boy. . . and I am actually strange. . . my best friend is a unicorn. . . no kidding, she's crazy, help me. . .
I am a beginner with photoshop, trying to do texture, since paint tool SAI decided to leave me. . . *sobs* where are you, my dear love?
In my Deviant gallery you will found much, let me reapeat it, MUCH , W.I.P. of my random models, picutres (that are rare like an evolutive stone for a pokemon), and more random things!! YAAAAY!!!

So, if you like my works, I really invite you at watching me, because I work hard and with passion on this really simple animation program called MMD and on another called PMD, where I do make models for the one who doesn't know that. . . but yeah, pretty much everyone that come here do know what MMD is
So, yeah. . . please let me know what you think about my works under my pictures, or with a comment under here. . .


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